Health & Taste

Awarded for health and taste

A genuinely unique olive oil with a rare balanced flavour and beneficial health properties. Unlike other olive oils rich in polyphenols, Monologue Olive Oil does not allow the bitterness to subdue the other flavours, but enhances them - fruity becomes spicy!

Oil and bread

Why olive oils are healthy

Polyphenols are very important for the human body - they have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective properties. It is because of these active properties that olive oil is valued so much. The truth is, however, that very few olive oils in the world have Monologue’s polyphenols.

Oil on bowl

The best way to enjoy MONOLOGUE

As an introduction to a fine meal - a few drops of Monologue on freshly baked bread will gently stimulate the taste buds, preparing you for the following courses. It is also well used instead of another dressing on green leaves, boiled vegetables and asparagus. Another fine suggestion would be a few drops before serving a fillet.

Oil on salad