Our land. Our trees. Our way.

Our land, our trees, our cultivation.
Welcome to our world!


Our land

Monologue is produced in Despotiko, Preveza, in the heart of a special terroir known for its mountains, fertile valleys and the aura of the Ionian Sea. We’re talking about virgin, isolated and inaccessible, and that’s why it’s so noteworthy.

Preveza sea and green trees
Olive oil crop

Our trees

The "Lianolia of Preveza" special variety, also known as Prevezana, are evergreen perennial trees and perfectly suit the local climate, because needing plenty of moisture they benefit from the bountiful rainfall.

Our process

Monologue is produced in the most natural way: simply compressed by cold pressing each olive, without chemicals and solvents and without heating the fruit. Thus, all valuable nutrients, aroma and characteristic taste are preserved.

Oil processing


Inside MONOLOGUE you will find a truly rare, well balanced extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols.
Pure and delightful!